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What? Me Worry? Absolutely!

Anyone remember that old slogan from Mad magazine? Yep that's me. And I'm determined not to think about it. I tell you, this is not easy. In fact, sometimes as I think about it, it's downright scary.

As I continue my new journey, there is a whirlwind of things coming to mind as I step back for a break from creating. I have been in a comfortable situation for so long that even as I went to bed at night at least I knew what was ahead tomorrow. I had my schedule planned out, knew where I was supposed to be, who I was going to deal with and how I was going to execute the plan for that day. Creating this business is a different situation for me. On one hand, I'm excited because I'm starting my own business instead of treating it as a hobby; which is fascinating. I watch Shark Tank quite a bit. On the show there are so many similar stories about someone who has an idea to start their own business out of something they were passionate about. The stories can be very inspirational and when you see a Shark give them money to invest in their business, it gives you hope that you can do something like that one day. It‘s inspirational to see people pursue their dreams.

On the other hand it's scary because you start to ask questions about “what if...“ What if this doesn't work? What if my stuff doesn't sell? I wonder why people start their own businesses when simply getting a job and going to work for a company for 8 hours a day is much simpler. In doing that you don't have to worry about getting money to invest in your product. There are no worries about creating a website, maintaining it, figuring out how to be savvy at social media (my goodness how do the kids do it??) or figuring out the different outlets to sell your work and then going out and actually doing it. I guess that's why most don't do it.

In the corporate world I've always taken risks to gain experience or exposure to help my career. I was never happy settling for where I was because I never wanted to become complacent. When I know I can do something I go ahead and try even with the potential of failure ahead of me. It's how I'm built. The scariest thing about this new journey is that there are so many unknowns. I do have a family that I have to help support and if it wasn't for my husband reminding me of my potential and his belief in the fact that I can succeed at this is such motivation for me. I am so in my element when I create these wreaths and the validation I get from someone who is willing to take their hard earned money and spend it on something I made is TREMENDOUS! That and my family keeps me going. My husband and I talk about teaching our kids to be more self sufficient. I've been in situations where I've seen that not work out especially when I've seen skills in them that they just refuse to develop. That is not me. In some ways I can take that as a comfort because I at least know who I am in that aspect.

I want to say that I so much appreciate the support I've been getting from my friends and family these past couple weeks. I appreciate even more when you buy from me. Thank you. As I come to you with another post I want tell you I will keep putting wood in the fire because at the end of the day I feel pretty good about some of the decisions I'm making and the risks that I am taking. Maybe this is no different from being in the corporate world because isn‘t life "corporate" anyway? There are opportunities everywhere and this just takes me back to the day I decided to take a risk on myself and that I could succeed if I took a chance.

I am making this new opportunity my new comfort zone.

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