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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! What a year it has been! I am thankful for so much starting with my family. Their love and support is the true reason why I stay so positive and they are truly the fuel that drives my creative energy. I am thankful for all my friends who have also supported me reached out in my time of need. I appreciate you so much and thank you for all the positive feedback you haven given in support of my journey. I am thankful to have this ability to create and happily overwhelmed with ability to bring a smile to faces when they see my creations. Making these wreaths for people for the holidays has been so therapeutic and peaceful and has really put me in a good place. This will be the first Thanksgiving without my Grandma Helen. I know she will be watching over us as we sit down for dinner today and I know she will be there in spirit.

As you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner and appreciate your family and friends remember that there could be worse things that happen to you in life and that there are those outside of your homes that are not as fortunate. Be thankful for those that protect our country for this opportunity to be thankful and be thankful for just being here. We may not get this opportunity tomorrow.


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