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To Craft, To Blog, To Mom...

Out of everything I am and everything that I aspire to be, I am a mom first and foremost. I have to take care of my kids! What I mean to say is that as much as I love to create and craft I love to help my little ones(and my bigs!) with their school activities. I have one in college, one high school, and two in elementary. If you're thinking that may be a wide age range of personalities to deal with then you're right, IT IS! But I love helping my littles with their spelling and reading, my high schooler with soccer and school dance shopping and my oldest with what's coming to him being in college without any adult supervision. These are the things that keep me inspired and after a LONG day of working and being active I still have to find the time and energy to attend to them once they get home from school. I mean sometimes I wish I could take a nap but I CAN'T (and I really LOVE naps!!!). There is something that always needs to be done and I'm the type where if something isn't done that I need to attend to it nags at me until I get it done. I don't like leaving things unfinished.

I'm thinking about this as I'm making a custom wreath for someone and I ran into a roadblock. For those that like to exercise their creative gene sometimes you're in a creative motion and then as you step back and admire your work you find that you're not satisfied with the end result. That's me and this wreath. I know the end result will be good but the steps to get there can sometimes be frustrating. Now that I'm doing this on more of a consistent basis, this(and writing this blog entry) is my therapy. While I can't always control what comes out of my kids mouths when they don't want to listen, what I CAN control is how I'm going to make this wreath better.

It's me vs. you, Wreath.

For all of you that are in the Mon Valley area on Light Up Night I will be featuring my wreaths at the grand opening of the new Bella Bug Boutique located at 1001 W Main St, Monongahela, PA. Come check me out and buy a wreath for your front door or as a holiday gift!

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