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Taking intentional risk

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Hey all!! It’s been a while since my last post. This business has been taking off and I can’t thank you enough for all of the support. So I wanted to take a few minutes to share all that’s been progressing in my journey. It‘s literally been a whirlwind of creativity! The Christmas season in wreath-making taught me so much! I had two wreaths in particular that were really popular; the snowman wreath and the African princess wall hanging. I had so much fun making each of these The African princess was fun because it wasn’t your traditional round wreath. I also learned a lot about what customers prefer. I received feedback that many prefer a seasonal wreath over a holiday specific wreath. People feel that if they have a Christmas wreath on their door, on December 26, it needs to come down. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I also got my Etsy page up and running AND got my first sale! Snowman wreath! I guess I was hoping for quicker growth with Etsy. Seems like I have a lot of traffic but just the one sale so far. But I guess that will come in time. I joined a Facebook group that helps you grow your Etsy business. It’s a learning process. Have you had any successful experience selling on Etsy? I need to find the sweet spot in selling here. I talk to a lot of people who say that they’ve purchased from Etsy so I know it’s a great place to sell.

This last month, I’ve also taken some intentional risks. This Sunday, I will host my first wreath class! My partner Kate, who owns BellaBug, was amazing to offer her store as the venue for this event! I limited tickets to 8 seats due to space and I have 7 registered (and paid for in advance) tickets! I can’t wait! I’ve been meticulously planning so

that it runs smoothly. The success of this event will determine next steps in doing similar events in the future. I‘m teaching everyone how to make the sunflower wreath I posted. I’d like to teach a class every quarter or maybe even monthly. So we‘ll see how this goes.

I also signed up for my first craft show! It’s on March 1st. So now I’m in this space where I’m trying to build up inventory so I can take it to the show. I have no idea what to expect with this. I saw someone post about the event on facebook and decided to give it a whirl... I told my mom that I was thinking about doing the show and asked

if she would help. Her initial reaction was that it was too close and that I wouldn't have enough to bring to sell, but knowing me, she quickly changed her tune. And of course I’ll have her by my side.... she’s my number one roadie! Haha

And then the last thing to share about my journey is that on Monday, I start a new job. Yes, I’m back in the corporate world! I’m so excited to get into my new role. My husband said that it was time for me to get back to work. He felt my stress at times after the kids have asked me to get them another snack, for

the 12th time, that hour.... haha. (yeah, no exaggeration.... I was at the mercy of 2 small humans that I created 24x7). The stay at home mom gig is no joke! It‘s way more work than the corporate world! A few close friends also asked what I was going to do about the wreath business, will I still have time? And my answer is that I will continue to build PunkinWorks. Timing for me having these last few months off was perfect. I got to spend the holidays home with my family. That’s something that I’ve never been able to do. I also opened my own business! I would have never had the time to accomplish what I have in the last three months had I been working in the corporate world. Now that I’ve built the foundation, I’ll continue to grow PunkinWorks after hours (when the small

humans have filled up on snacks and go

to sleep).

So to wrap up this post, I can’t thank each of you enough for your support. Whether you’ve purchased a wreath or shared a post, it all helps. Thank you!

Until the next post, good night!

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