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Back To Square One!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

So when is a job not a job? There is a positive side and negative side to this question. The positive is when you're passionate about what you're doing and can make a living from it without having to complain about the people you work with or sit in traffic for 2 hours a day. That is not a job, that is living your life and enjoying it. The negative side of that same question is when you don't have one.

In life there are circumstances that happen to you that you can't control and when those things happen and negatively impact your daily lifestyle it makes you step back to assess who you really are and question whether you have the strength to overcome.

I recently lost my job after being with a company for almost 20 years. I was a hard worker. I got along with everyone. I did my best to make myself as valuable to the company as possible, but at the end of the day I felt like I was just a number when I got the news and those years spent working for them, I come out with nothing to show for it. Boo-hoo me I guess. My anger is still there for the lack of loyalty, but the part of me that was longing to move on because of the constant stress was also there and it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. So I am not here to dwell. I AM moving on.

They say when one door closes another one opens. Well if another one is going to open I am not going to wait for it to open. I plan to make myself a key so I can ALWAYS open and close it how I please. That's where my interest in crafting comes in. I guess you can say it runs in my blood because my mom has been making stuff ever since she was a young girl. I remember she use to make my brother and I clothes to wear to school. Those "hammer pants" that were in style in the 90's... mom made me 2 pairs that I so vividly remember. She made me a purple pair and a pair of black and white hounds-tooth. And I proudly rocked those hammer pants! She made quilts, jewelry and all different types of things to either have around the house or to even sell. My mom is very creative. I think that's something that was passed down to me from her. Thank you, Mom. I love to craft was well. I especially like the whole experience of making wreaths; from going shopping for materials at different stores, spending time with my mom and daughter, Giana, to going to flea markets to get unique, one of a kind materials. This was a stress reliever for those times I had available to create something when I didn't have to work, take the kids to a birthday party, soccer, or run back and forth to my oldest son's college to make sure he's eating properly. My husband, who has always supported me on any of my endeavors, always tried to push me to do more of my crafting and possibly even make a business out of it. Even though it was something fun to, do I never really thought it a viable option to make a living out of it. In some ways I still have my doubts even though I have more time to do it since I'm not working and searching for something else in the meantime. Who doesn't have doubts? But I tell you one thing I haven't been having since I was let go from that company. HEADACHES.

Whew! I do not miss those!

As I am now back to square one and about to embark on this next part of my journey, I will be looking for another position to help support my family. My plan is to take control and not be a number or just another cog in a machine that can be replaced whenever it gets rusty and overstayed its welcome. If you're reading this and can relate, remember you are not a number either. You have to teach your children that they mean something more and to do that you have to set an example.

This is my first blog and whenever I get time I plan to produce more entries so you too can follow along on my journey. I started this site, I have my social media in place, and my family to support me in this journey and my hope is that if you like my work and can relate to my experience that you can take the journey with me. And I have a feeling it will be tough... but as they say, anything worth doing doesn't come without a little bit of pain.

I'm back to square one but this time I will take the lead and fly.

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