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My Mailman Is A Hater!

Hi all! I have to share with you an experience I had today!

** disclaimer- I recognize that my mailman is “technically” right.

Tomorrow is a really big day for me. My work will be showcased in a new boutique! I’m super proud of this and I’ve worked really hard to prepare and create inventory in a really short period of time. I’m so excited that I want to make sure that everyone knows about the grand opening and about my business. So I had an idea to create a letter that I would give to all of my neighbors in my plan. I created a pretty one-sheeter that had a short message, a few pictures of my work and an invite to the grand opening event to the store. I also included my new business cards (you know you’re official when you’re on Facebook and have business cards!). This morning, after dropping the princess off at school, I went around my plan and dropped these notes in my neighbors mailboxes. Creative marketing, right???

Well my mailman was not at all pleased. He confiscated four or five letters from mailboxes and left a nasty note with the president of my HOA stating that he “has the authority to take all of these letters out of mailboxes and bring them to the post office”. His final note said to “make sure your HOA members pay for postage...“

My intent was to simply invite my neighbors to the grand opening, not to undermine USPS! I mean, my plan is only 45 houses, and I don’t even know most of my neighbors names(I probably should). It seems silly to me to put a stamp on envelopes when I can just put an envelope in their mailbox, right?? OMG, did I just try to rip off the post office???

** on a side note, my mailman also put a note on the windshield of my car when I was parked on the street near my mailbox and he had to get out of his mail truck to deliver my mail.

OK.... I’m done with the rant. Note to self, put the letters in mailboxes AFTER my mailman delivers the mail...

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